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An Ape, also known as a “smoothbrain” is an individual who knows nothing else other than to Buy/HODL. This is his/her code. He/She does not play into FUD but instead cracks open a new box of crayons for an afternoon snack. Trying to fight against an Ape is futile as Apes of this class tend to stand together in massive numbers. They are often seen trading hard earned bananas for stonks and a possibility of earning tendies in return. They don’t know when the tendies will come however and this is why HODL. Their overall unwillingness to sell, despite shill attacks, hedgie threats, and mainstream media FUD has earned them the title of having what’s known in nature as “Diamond Hands” the strongest force found here on Earth. A force underestimated by the apes mortal enemy known as “$hitadel”. These Apes currently desire to live on the moon using rocket ships with pretty colors. Not much else is known about this Ape community but if you ever run into one you might just hear them whisper “This is the way” right before getting hit in the face with feces. -This is the way.
Look at that ape in his Lamborghini, damn I should’ve HODL too.
by DrThrob April 05, 2021
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Apes Together Strong

Sometimes represented by a gorilla emoji, the saying is derived from an earlier meme based on the movie Rise of Planet of the Apes. When used by WallStreetBets, the apes are retail investors who are bullish on heavily-shorted stocks like GameStop. If the “apes” are united, then they can be strong enough to outlast those short on the stock.

To The Moon

Usually accompanied by a plethora of rocket emojis, the phrase is used to express confidence in the performance of a chosen stock. When a stock goes “to the moon,” the user has earned more tendies. Companies that are or were going to the moon include GameStop (GME), AMC Entertainment (AMC), Palantir Technologies (PLTR), Tesla (TSLA), and BlackBerry (BB).


You only live once. This is a term frequently used for large, bold investing moves. And that doesn’t include buying $100 worth of AMC or Gamestop shares. Some individuals have cashed out their 401ks and IRA’s, only to spend it all on Gamestop shares. Roaringkitty is often considered the king of yolo’s, as he spent every penny he had on Gamestop shares.

Buy the Dip

For users bullish on a stock, a price drop is simply an opportunity to “buy the dip.” When paired with “diamond hands” and “to the moon,” the three can become a potent combination of memes.

I like the stock

A common phrase used when buying or holding a stock seems like an unpopular or odd choice. For example, I bought 10 shares of Gamestop at $200/share because “I like the stock.”

We Like the Stock

Originally attributed to CNBC television personality Jim Cramer, “we like the stock” is used to justify why users hold large positions in stocks like AMC and GameStop.


“Buy The Fucking Dip” – When people are running around and selling because of fear, this is the time to buy.


An abbreviation for Due Diligence. On Wallstreetbets, when users post their take on a stock or a move, they often recommend that you practice DD. Just because they feel like it’s valuable information, it’s recommended you still do your own research or, Due Diligence.

It’s also used to mock a horrible move – “Great DD on that one.”

Dark Pool

In finance, a dark pool (also black pool) is a private forum (alternative trading system or ATS) for trading securities, derivatives, and other financial instruments. Liquidity on these markets is called dark pool liquidity. The bulk of dark pool trades represent large trades by financial institutions that are offered away from public exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ, so that such trades remain confidential and outside the purview of the general investing public. The fragmentation of electronic trading platforms has allowed dark pools to be created, and they are normally accessed through crossing networks or directly among market participants via private contractual arrangements. Generally dark pools are not available to the public, but in some cases they may be accessed indirectly by retail investors and traders via retail brokers.


Slang for “stimulus payment” received from the government in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. Reddit users advertise spending their stimulus check on meme stocks and cryptocurrencies. As in, “I’m going to Yolo my whole stimmy in GME.”

Bag Holder

A term to refer to a trader who bought in at a high and missed his opportunity to sell, leaving him with worthless stocks.


A stonk is a purposeful misspelling of stock. It’s often used as a term for alternative stocks that seem like unusual or clearly bad picks. Elon Musk made Gamestop move in the green one day by tweeting “Gamestonk.” It was a clear message to Redditors that Elon supported the Gamestop movement. Thousands of others turned to google to no avail.


Tendies is short for “chicken tenders.” The phrase is used for financial gains from a particular stock or cryptocurrency move. For example, if you were to make a trade that results in exponential returns, you’ll be “getting tendies.” Like much of Wallstreetbets language, the phrase has self-deprecating humor.

This is the way

A phrase commonly used to support certain actions or behavior of a fellow member. It is often used when the move resulted in serious losses or when a theory makes no sense.

Smooth Brain

A stupid person; it refers to the lack of surface area on an individual's brain. The general thought is that the more surface area (wrinkles, creases, etc.) a brain has, the smarter the person is. Conversely, a person with a smooth brain (no wrinkles) has less surface area and would therefore be stupid.


Short for “Too Long, Didn’t Read.” May be used to highlight concise takeaways in longer Due Diligence posts.


refers to Wall Street Bets (r/wallstreetbets), the sub-Reddit that is driving the retail trading frenzy around GameStop, Blackberry, Nokia and other stocks.


Short form for ‘fear, uncertainty and doubt’. Usually used in the form of “xxx spreading FUD again.”

Hold the Line

A battle cry for users during volatility in the markets. When stocks favored by the forum began to drop, appeals to “hold the line” became common. Often seen in conjunction with “diamond hands” and “to the moon.”


A spin on the investing lingo ‘hold’ — Hold On for Dear Life. A trader who buys a stock and does not see himself selling in the foreseeable future is called a hodler of the stock.

Diamond hands

This phrase is often used for individuals who hold stock shares or cryptocurrency, despite losses. An example would people who unfortunately bought Gamestop at its recent peak but will not consider selling, despite their loss.

Paper Hands

The opposite of diamond hands, paper hands are when a user sells their shares at the first sign of a downward trend. Used in a derogatory manner toward those who are not fully committed to a position.